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We are dedicated solving your tax problems–this is what makes Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, (“PEARSON BUTLER Law”) different from other tax attorney law firms out there.  Each tax attorney in our firm is experienced in handling tax cases and finding ways to resolve them.  We offer IRS and state tax assistant in the following areas:


At PEARSON BUTLER Law, our tax attorney team provide for unparalleled legal representation.

  • Client Education – We know that sometimes clients are unaware of their rights under the State tax laws. We’ve made it our goal to ensure that our clients are well-informed of their privileges when dealing with the State Tax Commission and the IRS.
  • Experienced Tax Attorney You Can Trust – You don’t have to worry about having under-qualified lawyers handle your tax situation. With years of experience in taxation, corporate law, and asset protection, you can expect only our best lawyers to work on your case and give you the tax relief you need.
  • Protection of Your Rights – Some people take advantage of your legal situation and give you a false sense of security. Our tax lawyers keep your best interests in mind at all times when representing you.
  • Personalized Solutions – We strive to provide you with the undivided attention you deserve and will be by your side throughout the entire process. The tax attorney assigned to you will provide all the necessary resources to build a powerful resolution befitting your case and implement them to achieve tax relief for you.

Relief from your tax problems can be found if you know just where to look.

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