Utah Estate Planning Lawyer

The Utah estate planning attorney team at Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, helps seniors and family members in Utah confront the legal issues that occur as we age.  The elder law attorneys at Pearson, Butler & Carson assist with estate planning and probate matters, planning for people with a special needs trust, wills, living will, why a special needs trust is important, trust, disability challenges, and Utah probate and trust administration.

Our Salt Lake City Estate Planning attorney department is headed by Attorney Carson Pearson, a highly respected Utah elder law attorney who has helped prepare over 1,000 wills and trusts for clients across Utah.  In addition, several other attorneys and legal assistants are also here to help.  See our article “Utah Estate Planning | Salt Lake City Estate Plan” and “Utah Estate Planning Attorneys“.


Our Utah estate planning lawyers can assist your estate in maximizing the inheritance you leave behind for your loved ones.  Our legal team  can help you prepare, plan, and administer the following documents:

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If you are interested in advance planning or are facing an immediate concern, our estate planning attorneys can help provide you a legal solution to protect you, your assets, and your wishes for your family and loved ones.  We have offices conveniently located in the Salt Lake area, including South Jordan and Layton, Utah.

Feel free to call a lawyer in Utah and speak with the Salt Lake City estate planning attorney team members at Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC, at (801) 495-4104.